1915 Buffalo Nickel Dollar Value
1915 Buffalo Nickel Dollar

Coin Info

United States
Copper Coin
Face Value
$0.05 USD
Issuing Mint
U.S. Mint
Year Issued

1915 Buffalo Nickel

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For those collecting 1915 Buffalo nickels, there is some monetary challenge for those buying specimens from that year. What’s more, there is the added difficulty of finding well-struck examples, which is the case for virtually all Buffalo nickels, most particularly those minted during the earliest years of the series. While the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco mints all struck nickels in 1915, only the Philadelphia mint examples are considered common (at least in relative terms). 20,986,220 nickels were struck at the main mint in 1915, but Denver produced only 7,569,000 and San Francisco far fewer still, at only 1,505,000. 

The result of these lower mintage numbers was the creation of at least two semi-key issues: the 1915-D and 1915-S. The ’15-D Buffalo nickel has a price tag of around $20 for examples in the lowest circulated grades, while the ’15-S comes in at around $60 for coins in well-worn grades. Meanwhile, the ’15 can be had for as little as $5 in Good-4. While there were no major die variations to note for 1915, those who want to add a little flash to their Buffalo nickel collections might enjoy the 1915 matte proof version of the coin, which starts at around $1,100 in PF-63. 

Past Sales

CoinSale PriceDate
1915-D Buffalo Nickel BU Brilliant Uncirculated$149.952014-11-29
1915-S BUFFALO NICKEL- SEMI-KEY !! BETTER DATE !! #Y780$14.002014-11-29
1915 5C Buffalo Nickel 3X EXCELLENT DETAILS$9.062014-11-29
1915 Buffalo Nickel GOOD DETAILS NO RESERVE!$1.252014-11-29
1915-D BUFFALO NICKEL- SEMI-KEY !! BETTER DATE !! #Y773$2.552014-11-29
1915 S Buffalo Nickel G+ With Dent On Reverse$36.002014-11-29
1915 Buffalo Nickel // (VF) Very Fine // (B353)$0.992014-11-29
1915-P Buffalo Nickel! Beautiful Au+ Example! Only Light Wear!! M3996$27.502014-11-29
Buffalo Nickel Collection 1915-1938D, 40 Coin Dealer Lot~ Key Dates, Awesome Mix$29.882014-11-29
1915-S VG BUFFALO NICKEL ID# KK870$33.172014-11-29
1915 BUFFALO NICKEL-REALLY NICE AU+++INV # 187$45.002014-11-29
1915-D buffalo nickel$8.002014-11-29
1915 Buffalo Nickel About Good AG$4.702014-11-29
Buffalo Nickels 1915 D / 1914............7722$6.992014-11-29
1915-S 5C Buffalo Nickel$190.002014-11-29
1915-S 5C Buffalo Nickel$100.002014-11-29
1915-D buffalo nickel - SEMIKEY DATE!!!!$3.252014-11-29
1915-D Buffalo Nickel ( # 80-94 )$16.952014-11-29
1915-D Buffalo Nickel, Better Date In Series, ** Free Shipping!$70.992014-11-28
1915 & 1916 & 1921 ~ THREE BUFFALO or INDIAN HEAD NICKELS ~ NR!$11.002014-11-28
1915 S Buffalo Nickel <> A VERY GOOD Coin$52.002014-11-28
1915 D Buffalo Nickel <> Extensive Obverse Die Crack w/Retained Cud$82.002014-11-28
1915 Buffalo Nickel <> A VERY GOOD Coin$2.552014-11-28
1914 1915 1916 1917 1919 1920 1921 1923 1924 1926 Buffalo Nickel Lot$33.502014-11-28
1915D Buffalo Nickel 1915 D -Almost A Full Horn - Greater Detail - Natural - CS1$68.002014-11-28
1915 S Buffalo Nickel NGC F-15!!! Very Pleasing Tough Early Buffalo, Certified!$55.002014-11-28
1915-D Buffalo Nickel$1.312014-11-28
1915 BUFFALO NICKEL #Q253$2.492014-11-28
1915 Buffalo Nickel - great detial$57.502014-11-28
1915 Buffalo Nickel <> XF Details$5.752014-11-28
1915-S Buffalo Nickel, Grade VG$11.252014-11-28
1915-D, 1915-S BUFFALO 5c Readable Dates$8.062014-11-27
Buffalo head Nickel's 1914, 1915, 1916-S, 1917-D, 1919-S, 1925-S lot # 3$2.992014-11-27
20 - Buffalo Nickels lot - 1915 - 16 - 29 pds - 34 d - 35 s - 36 d - 37 d - 38 d$15.002014-11-27
1915 Buffalo Nickel Free S/H!!!$4.142014-11-27
1915 Buffalo Nickel // (F) Fine // (B351)$2.002014-11-27
USA BUFFALO NICKEL 5 CENTS 1915 A31 #437$5.982014-11-27
Rare "2 feathers" 1915 Buffalo nickel ... tough to find in "Fine" ( gev )$25.002014-11-27
1915 D Buffalo Nickel, Five Cent, Key Date, Estate Lot Type Coin$6.252014-11-27
1915-P Buffalo Nickel Fine$9.992014-11-27
1915 D Buffalo Nickel G-VG$4.512014-11-27
1915 BUFFALO NICKEL-BU$43.222014-11-27
1915 D Buffalo Nickel , Fine$28.952014-11-27
SHARP BOLD Date 1915-P BUFFALO NICKEL 5¢! Mintage 20 million! FREE S&H! CV67EZ$17.952014-11-26
1915-S Buffalo Nickel * ANACS G4 * Better Date Coin$57.002014-11-26
1915-p Buffalo Nickel. X.F.$14.002014-11-26
(No.a679) 1915 Buffalo Nickel Actual Coin Free Domestic Shipping Free Track$4.502014-11-26
1914 & 1915 Buffalo Nickels XF$30.552014-11-26
1915-S Buffalo Nickel G$39.602014-11-26
1915 S Buffalo nickel AG+$34.002014-11-26
BUFFALO & INDIAN NICKEL 1915$3.352014-11-25
LOT OF 5 BETTER DATE BUFFALO NICKELS 1915-D 1916 D S 1917$9.992014-11-25
1915-S Buffalo Nickel KEY DATE$450.002014-11-25
1915 D Buffalo Nickel *ACID RESTORED DATE* *NATURAL MINT MARK* QTY 1 (ONE)$2.252014-11-25
1915 1916 1916-D1916-S and 1919 Buffalo Nickels$14.502014-11-25
1915-P Buffalo Indian Head Nickel - 5C - No Reserve!$2.552014-11-25
1915-D Buffalo 5C (#1032) Very Fine. Check out the Photos.$52.002014-11-25
1915 Buffalo Nickel - VG$8.002014-11-25
1915-S PCGS VF30 Better Date Buffalo Indian Head Nickel Attractive Circulated$235.002014-11-25
1915 Buffalo Nickel$1.892014-11-25
1915-D Buffalo 5c CHOICE XF. BETTER DATE. #4096$89.882014-11-25
1915-D buffalo nickel - SEMIKEY DATE.$3.252014-11-25
1915-S buffalo nickel - KEY DATE - FULL HORN!!$31.002014-11-25
1915 BUFFALO NICKEL- SCARCE !! EXTRA FINE !! #X9844$12.002014-11-24
1915-D Buffalo Nickel, Tough! ** Free Shipping!$31.552014-11-24
1915-S Buffalo Nickel Great Deals From The TECC Bargain Bin$23.192014-11-24
1915-S 5C Buffalo Nickel (111714-24K)$8.562014-11-24
1915-S buffalo nickel - KEY DATE$98.002014-11-24
1915 - Buffalo Nickel - tough date - XF - 5010$14.992014-11-24
1915 Buffalo Nickel [Combined Shipping Available] (6099)$1.812014-11-24
lot buffalo nickel collection 1915-1938 old five cent coins$41.602014-11-24
1915-P Buffalo Nickel Fine$8.992014-11-24
1915-P & 1917-P Buffalo Nickels$15.992014-11-24
1915-D SEMI KEY DATE BUFFALO NICKEL$38.792014-11-24
1915 S Buffalo Nickel PCGS Good04$47.002014-11-24
1915-D Buffalo Nickel, Scarce Date in Series! ** Free Shipping!$255.002014-11-23
1915 Buffalo nickel in circulated condition-Christmas is just around the corner!$0.992014-11-23
1915-S VF BUFFALO NICKEL$50.552014-11-23
High Grade AU Plus 1915 Buffalo Nickel 5 Cent Piece - Coins$25.352014-11-23
5c 1915-S Buffalo Nickel * SEMI-KEY * PCGS VF20 * No Reserve!$125.502014-11-23
1915-S Buffalo Indian Head Nickel, Key Date, Good Detail, Scarce Coinage$8.752014-11-23
1915-D Buffalo Nickel$43.992014-11-23
1915-S Buffalo Indian Head Nickel, Key Date, Fine Detail, Scarce Coinage$72.112014-11-23
1915-D Buffalo Indian Head Nickel, Early Tough Date, Very Fine, Discoloration$11.192014-11-23
1915-D Buffalo Indian Head Nickel, Early Tough Date, Very Fine Detail, Oxidized$8.382014-11-23
1915-D Buffalo Indian Head Nickel, Early Tough Date, Good Detail, Free Shipping$6.592014-11-23
1915 U.S. Buffalo Nickel Coin-You Grade-Lot #112004$3.342014-11-23
1915-S Buffalo Indian Head Nickel, Key Date, Very Good Detail, Scarce Coinage$37.692014-11-23
1915 Buffalo Nickel$8.002014-11-23
1915-1920 Indian Head Buffalo Nickel Set. Rare Old US 5 Cent Coin Lot # 14$17.572014-11-23
1915 Indian Head Buffalo Nickel. Rare Old Vintage US 5 Cent Coin. Dont Miss Out!$0.992014-11-23
1913-S T-1 1914-S 1915-S & 1916-S BUFFALO NICKELS$36.952014-11-23
1915 BUFFALO NICKEL$5.502014-11-23
1915, 1916, 1918 old Buffalo Indian Nickels US coins$16.552014-11-23
Buffalo nickels 1915,1918,1924D,1925S,1926,1927D,1929S (y5)$6.282014-11-23
1915 S Buffalo Nickel , Fine$75.002014-11-23
Choice KEY Date 1915-S BUFFALO NICKEL 5¢! FREE S&H! Mintage 1.5 million! CW11SI$59.952014-11-22
1915 SHARP!! AU-UNC BUFFALO NICKEL$29.992014-11-22
Semi-KEY 1915-D BUFFALO NICKEL! OBV CUD ERROR! FREE S&H! Mint 7.5 million CW10SJ$65.002014-11-22
1915 5C Buffalo Nickel • VG 8$2.002014-11-22
1915-D buffalo nickel$5.502014-11-22
1915 BUFFALO NICKEL (E37)$1.302014-11-22
1915 Buffalo nickel NGC 62 (c)$70.002014-11-22
1915 S Buffalo Nickel Coin NAME YOUR PRICE !!$4.252014-11-22
1915 AU/BU Buffalo Nickel Coin NAME YOUR PRICE !!$18.302014-11-22
1915 Buffalo Nickel. Almost Uncirculated!$15.652014-11-22
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