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United States Morgan Silver Dollar 1882 Morgan Silver Dollar
1882 Morgan Silver Dollar Value
1882 Morgan Silver Dollar

Coin Info

United States
Silver Coin
Face Value
$1 USD

1882 Morgan Silver Dollar


Melt Value: $15.0975488

1882, as was the case during the previous year, saw relatively little action among Morgan silver dollars. While collectors who pursue VAM (Leroy C. Van Allen and A. George Mallis) varieties may notate various minor deviations among the dies used to strike 1882 Morgan silver dollars, most coin collectors will not usually pay much attention to any slight variations among the dies used that year.  

1882 Morgan Silver Dollar Mintage Figures

  • 1882: 11,100,000; $35+

  • 1882-CC: 1,133,000; $200+

  • 1882-O: 6,090,000; $35+

  • 1882-O, O Over S: mintage included above; $50+

  • 1882-S: 9,250,000; $35+

  • 1882 Proof: 1,100; $3,200+

The only major obstacle for most Morgan silver dollar collectors pursuing 1882 dollar coins is the 1882-CC, which is a much scarcer coin than some may realize due to the multiple melting episodes that the series experienced during the early 20th century in particular. Due to the scarcity of some Morgan dollar issues (and the growing prevalence of counterfeit Morgan dollars), it is usually wise to buy slabbed versions of the scarcer coins in the series. Additionally, be wary of the fact that many Morgan silver dollars have been cleaned, and therefore extra caution must be exercised when buying dollar coins from 1882 or any of the other years during which the series was produced. Avoid buying any low-grade pieces that have an unusually reflective surface. Such pieces are almost always cleaned and should be avoided.  

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