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United States Morgan Silver Dollar 1890 Morgan Silver Dollar
1890 Morgan Silver Dollar Value
1890 Morgan Silver Dollar

Coin Info

United States
Silver Coin
Face Value
$1 USD

1890 Morgan Silver Dollar


Melt Value: $15.2058304

Aside from the usual expense of buying a Carson City mint issue, there aren’t many obstacles to completing a regular-issue set of 1890 Morgan silver dollars. The Philadelphia, New Orleans, and San Francisco coins are all reasonably priced and, in the lower circulated grades, normally don’t sell for much more than their melt values.  

1890 Morgan Silver Dollar Mintage Figures

  • 1890: 16,802,000; $35+

  • 1890-CC: 2,309,041; $150+

  • 1890-O: 10,701,000; $35+

  • 1890-S: 8,230,373; $35+

  • 1890 Proof: 590; $3,200+

Particularly in the case of 1890s-decade Carson City dollars, the 1890-CC is among the most common and is relatively affordable. Still, with the increasing number of Morgan dollar forgeries on the market, it is most prudent to buy any Carson City pieces as certified and graded, which offers you the benefit of added peace of mind – something coin collectors and investors simply can’t get enough of when it comes to buying expensive (and antique) rare coins. As is always the case with buying any coins, buy the best 1890 dollars you can afford, because they will definitely help attract more buyers if the time comes that you should decide to sell your Morgan silver dollars.  

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